Start with TronWeb

TronWeb is a JavaScript SDK for TRON. It is designed for web browsers, Node.js, and IoT devices. If you are familiar with web3, TronWeb will bring you the same brilliant experience.


Either npm or yarn is available for installation.

npm install tronweb
yarn add tronweb


Create a TronWeb instance before other actions:

const TronWeb = require('tronweb')
const HttpProvider = TronWeb.providers.HttpProvider
// You may put your node ip:port for HttpProvider
// also, you may use TronGrid services for main net and test nets:
// main net:
// shasta test net
// nile test net:
const fullNode = new HttpProvider("")
const solidityNode = new HttpProvider("")
const eventServer = new HttpProvider("") 
const privateKey = "your private key"
const tronWeb = new TronWeb(fullNode, solidityNode, eventServer, privKey)

Interacting with Contracts

You are able to load a smart contract in a JavaScript variable. Take Comptroller as an example:

// The main net address of Comptroller is: TJZi9eWzCLGBi9tuwvPxnaZTGa2iUpRc8v
const comptroller = tronWeb.contract().at("TJZi9eWzCLGBi9tuwvPxnaZTGa2iUpRc8v")

All set. Now you can call contract methods with comptroller.

Calling Contract Methods

Constant Calls

You can call pure and view methods with Take getAccountLiquidity as an example:

const result = await comptroller.getAccountLiquidity("the account to calculate liquidity").call()

When calling other methods, simply change getAccountLiquidity to the corresponding method name and input the correct parameters within the brackets.

If a contract's ABI is not stored on the blockchain, ABI should be manually loaded and _isConstant: trueis required, like below.

comptroller.loadAbi(ABI JSON)
const result = await comptroller.methodname(params).call(_isConstant:true)

Trigger Calls

Calls that modify on-chain data are called trigger calls. Take castVote() as an example:

const result = governorAlpha.castVote(proposalId,votes,support).send({

There are several available parameters in a trigger call:



The maximum energy can be used during a trigger call(in 10^-6 TRX, or sun) Please refer to TRON Energy Explanation


The number of TRX to be sent in the transaction(in 10^-6 TRX, or sun)


Returns after confirmation if set as true

Please refer to TronWeb Documentation for details.

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