JustLend DAO is a decentralized organization where all users can participate in governance by holding the JST token. To participate in governance, you can engage in discussions on the Forum or go to the voting page to cast your votes.

Vote Process

  • Select a proposal on the voting page.

  • Read carefully to understand the proposal.

  • Select "For" or "Against" as you see fit, and enter the number of votes you want to cast to complete the voting process.

  • Please note that you need to vote with wJST. You can get wJST with your JST via the “Get Votes” feature.

Once you have voted on "For" or "Against", you cannot change your stance. Meanwhile, while you keep adding votes, you cannot retrieve them until the voting on the proposal has concluded.

Prior to the conclusion of the 3-day voting period, the proposal must garner more supporting votes than opposing ones, with the supporting votes surpassing 600 million.

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