Borrow Assets

To borrow assets, you need to supply assets and enable collateral before borrowing (click to view the collateral rates of different markets) . Then you can click "Borrow" corresponding to the target market, specify the amount, and confirm the transaction. After successful borrowing, it is recommended that you monitor the risk value of your positions (displayed on the left side of the “Supply and Borrow” page). The alert notification on your risk value will also be introduced in the future. Stay tuned!

Borrow Motivation and Rules

If you need additional assets for further investment opportunities but are unwilling to sell your current holdings under the expectation of their upside, then the “Borrow” function can fulfill your needs.

The borrow limit depends on your collateral amount and the overall market liquidity. When the market liquidity is enough, you can click "Safe Max" in the borrowing window to view the safe amount recommended by the platform. You may borrow more or less than that amount, but please be aware of the risks involved, especially when either your collateral or the borrowing asset is not a stablecoin asset. If the risk value gets too high, your positions will be liquidated.

Repayment and Liquidation

You can make a partial or full repayment at any time, but you must repay in the same token that you borrowed.

Liquidation will be triggered when the risk value of your positions hits 100. The liquidator will settle the debt (in the borrowed token), take away the supplied asset (in the corresponding jToken), and earn a liquidation reward equal to 8% of the repaid debt value. It should be noted that each liquidation can only cover the debt of one token.

As a borrower, please keep a close eye on your risk value to prevent liquidation. Once liquidation occurs, you will find a record of your jTokens being transferred out of your wallet.

The RC testing for liquidation has been launched on JustLend DAO. Click here if you want to apply to become an RC tester, participate in liquidation, and earn the 8% liquidation rewards.

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