Energy Rental

Most of the transactions on TRON consume Bandwidth and Energy. To obtain Energy, users typically need to stake or burn TRX. However, staking involves a 14-day lockup period, while burning TRX incurs hefty costs.

If you are in urgent need of Energy for borrowing or swap transactions and are deterred by the high TRX burning costs, "Energy Rental" presents you with a more affordable and flexible alternative. Let's say you rent 100,000 Energy, which may occupy you 8,000 TRX if you stake TRX to get the Energy. With Energy Rental, you only need to pay 5 TRX and can get Energy that is enough for 2 transactions.

If you are managing multiple wallets and a particular account requires Energy, but there is no sufficient balance in its wallet to cover the rent, you can use other wallet addresses to rent Energy for the particular address.

Rent Energy

Go to the “Energy Rental” page, and enter the desired amount of Energy and rental duration (in days or hours as wanted). Then, submit and sign to complete the process.

If you need to rent Energy for another address, click "Rent for another address" below "Rental Duration". The receiving address must be an activated TRON address that starts with the letter "T".

Renew Rental

Upon successful rental, an order list will appear on the right side of the page, allowing you to renew or end the rental at any time. Alternatively, you may access the "Energy Rental Orders" page to manage the orders. You can renew a rental order only by Energy or duration, or both.

End Rental

Energy Rental allows you to borrow and return Energy at any time. Simply click the "End" button, confirm the details, and sign to complete the process. After that, the remaining rent and security deposit will be refunded to your wallet. Click here to view the rules of rent calculation in Energy Rental.

Orders that are not ended on time will be liquidated by the community. The prepaid amount for these orders will be partially or fully liquidated based on actual Energy usage and distributed as rewards to the liquidators (community).

Therefore, please keep an eye on the expiry time of your rental orders. The alert notification on rental expiry will also be introduced in the future. Stay tuned!

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