Supply Assets

In “Supply and Borrow”, you can view all the available markets and the APYs they offer. Choose a token you are interested in and click "Supply".

Please note that for each new market you are investing in, you will need to approve the contract to trade your corresponding token asset.

Supplying assets and enabling collateral are independent of each other. You can choose not to enable collateral if you don't intend to borrow on JustLend DAO.

Earn Yield

After supplying a token, you will receive the corresponding jToken according to the exchange ratio of the specific market. Take TRX as an example: the current exchange ratio between TRX and jTRX is 95.66633071, meaning you can receive 95.66633071 jTRX for each TRX you have supplied.

jToken holders can earn continuous yields, which will change with the borrowing interest rate of the corresponding market. In other words, suppliers can share the interest paid by borrowers based on two factors: the borrowing interest rate and the market utilization rate. With higher market utilization rates, the yields for suppliers will also be increased.

To learn more about the mathematical model and formulas used to calculate the yields, see Interest Rate Model.

On top of base rewards, some of the markets also offer mining rewards. To learn more about how to invest in those markets and claim the rewards, see Claim Rewards.


There's no time limit for supplying assets on JustLend DAO, so you can withdraw your supplied assets at any time.

You can find the list of your holdings on the right side of the “Supply & Borrow” page. Click the asset you want to withdraw, enter the amount in the pop-up window, and then confirm the transaction.

You may not be able to withdraw all your supplied assets in a market under the following circumstances:

  • If you have borrowed assets in your account, then you can only withdraw a portion of your supply to keep your account's risk value consistently below 80;

  • If the market liquidity is not enough, then you may not be able to withdraw all your supply unless there is repayment or extra liquidity provided to the market.

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