Staked TRX

Staked TRX is a feature launched by JustLend DAO that enables one-click TRX staking in accordance with Stake 2.0 rules.

Once you have staked your TRX, JustLend DAO will take care of the cumbersome procedures, such as Super Representative (SR) voting and reward claiming, and rent out the Energy obtained from TRX staking automatically to generate more yields for you.

The SRs receiving your TRON Power obtained from staking TRX will be decided via voting by sTRX Governance. The whole process will be open, transparent, and fully decentralized. Please click here for more information.

Stake and Unstake TRX

On the “Stake” tab of “Staked TRX”, enter the amount you want to stake, click "Stake Now", and then confirm the transaction. After that, you will receive a proportionate amount of sTRX as the receipt.

Meanwhile, You can unstake your sTRX at any time in one of the following two ways:

  • Unstake on JustLend DAO: Click the "Unstake" tab, enter the amount of sTRX you want to unstake, and then confirm the transaction.

  • Unstake via a third-party platform: You can initiate transactions on other platforms, such as HTX and SunSwap, to swap your sTRX.

If you unstake your sTRX on JustLend DAO, you need to wait for 14 days before withdrawing the unstaked TRX by clicking "Withdraw" on the same page.

Staked Yield

The yields consist of two parts:

  • Voting rewards: The rewards for voting TRON Power obtained from TRX staking to SRs;

  • Energy rental rewards: The revenue from Energy rental on JustLend DAO, distributed to stakers according to the amount and percentage of TRX they have staked.

The staking APY fluctuates with the changes in voting rewards and the Energy rental market. You can check the latest APY anytime in the left-side "Staking APY" section of the “Staked TRX” page.

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