How to Supply Tokens?

1. In the All Markets section of Dashboard or in Market, find a target market or filter markets by token balance.

2. Click Supply to supply your assets to a market.

3. Your approval is required before supplying assets in a market for the first time. We recommend that you reserve sufficient resources or TRX as transaction fees in your account before the action. Otherwise, the transaction may fail.

If you have already enabled Collateral for the market, the borrow limit and risk value will change with the amount of assets you supply.

If not, you will see a prompt message showing the change to your borrow limit once you enable Collateral.

4. Click Supply, and sign to confirm in your wallet. After that, you will receive jTokens corresponding to your supplied assets. Please note that jTokens are important receipts of your supplied assets and think twice before you transfer them to a third party. Otherwise, your supplied assets and yields may be lost.

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