How to Borrow Tokens?

1. Before you borrow from JustLend, please make sure you have supplied assets to at least one Collateral-enabled market on JustLend DAO.

2. In the All Markets section of Dashboard or on the Market page, find the asset you want to borrow and click Borrow.

We recommend that you pay attention to the risk value when you borrow assets. The default upper limit of the risk value is 80.

You can click on the drop-down list to change the upper limit to 90. In this mode, please keep an eye on your account risk value to avoid liquidation.

3. The Total Borrowed amount and the risk bar color will change with the borrowing amount you enter. When the risk bar turns to Red, it indicates that the risk value of your account will be high if you borrow assets of the entered amount. After you borrow the assets, the corresponding market will automatically have Collateral enabled.

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