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User guide on the Market page

In the Market Overview section, you can view all token markets supported by JustLend DAO.
Asset: The abbreviation, full name, and logo of the token in a market.
Total Supply: The total value of supplied assets (in USD) in a market.
Supply APY: The yield rate for supplying assets in a market.
Total Borrow: The total value of borrowed assets (in USD) in a market.
Borrow APY: The interest rate for borrowing assets in a market.
Available Lending: The amount of tokens available for borrowing in a market.
You can click on a specific market to view its details. Taking TRX as an example:
Supply Base APY (Rewards: same as supplied assets): The yield rate for the jToken received.
Supply Mining APY (Rewards: USDD): The yield rate from mining programs on JustLend DAO.
Price: The token value in USD.
Borrow Cap: The maximum amount of tokens that are available for borrowing in the market.
Suppliers: The number of users that have supplied assets to this market.
Borrowers: The number of users that have borrowed assets from this market.
Total Interest / Day: The daily value of interest generated in this market in USD.
Reserve Amount: The amount of reserves left in this market.
Reserve Factor: Supply Base APY = (100% - Reserve Factor) * Borrow APY * Utilization
The reserve factor determines the ratio of interest that is retained as reserves to those distributed to asset suppliers on JustLend DAO.
jToken Minted: The number of jToken issued in the market.
Collateral Factor: Borrowable Amount = Supplied Assets * Collateral Factor. Therefore, the higher the collateral factor is, the higher amount you can borrow based on your supplied assets.
jToken Exchange Rate: The exchange rate between the jToken and the supplied token.
Utilization: U = Total Borrow / Total Supply. The utilization cannot be greater than 100%.