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Common questions

Supply & withdraw

Why do I have supplied assets but cannot borrow from JustLend DAO?

To borrow from JustLend DAO, you must have supplied assets and enable collateral for the corresponding markets. Please note that you can enable collateral for at most 11 markets.

Why cannot I withdraw all my supplied assets?

This may be because the assets are used as collateral or you have debt in the target market. We recommend that you repay all debt in this market and supply assets of other markets as collateral to withdraw all your assets from the target market.

Borrow & repay

Is the 80/90 risk value a must-follow threshold when I borrow from JustLend DAO?

No, the 80/90 risk value is more of a risk alert set by JustLend DAO for your account. If you want to borrow more assets that may cause a risk value higher than 80 or 90, we recommend that you supply more assets as collateral and pay special attention to the risk value of your account to prevent liquidation.

Can I choose to repay my principal before the interest?

You can pay off your debt in multiple payments, but cannot choose to repay only the principal or the interest.


What will cause my account to be liquidated?

When the risk value of your account reaches 100, your account will be liquidated.

When my account involves assets of multiple token markets, what determines the token to be liquidated?

This is decided by the liquidator, who will repay your debt in one token at a time and choose assets of a token from your collateral as fees.