JustLend DAO Testnet

JustLend DAO Testnet (based on the TRON Nile Testnet) has been officially launched here: https://nile.justlend.org/. Users can experience new JustLend DAO features on the Testnet, including the following:

TRX Liquid Staking

Based on Stake 2.0, with TRX Liquid Staking, users can stake TRX to get sTRX tokens and gain high rewards. Compared to traditional staking, TRX Liquid Staking is easier to use and more profitable. Staked TRX will be used automatically for voting and governance, and gain rewards via Energy Rental.

Energy Rental

With Energy Rental, users can easily rent energy on the JustLend DAO Testnet with only a few clicks. Compared with obtaining energy through staking (Stake 1.0) or burning TRX, Energy Rental enables users to rent energy anytime at a much lower price. The rental can be ended anytime as wanted.

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